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When contracting a consulting company to help you in your development needs, it is often not that clear what level of experience you are paying for. 10 man-days of "developer" in the offer may translate to a person with 5 years of experience, but it could as well turn out to be a young guy fresh from school. Nothing wrong with employing young people - everyone needs to learn - but sometimes your project is so critical that you really want them to learn on someone else's time...

That is the essence of the value proposal of OPE AG: By default, all the services provided rely on the expertise of Olli Perttilä and his over 10 years of experience in the field of IT and Software Development. Of course in certain cases it may make sense to use subcontracting or partners, but this is always explicitly agreed with the client.

The following picture summarizes where OPE AG can help and how these services are related to each other. Please click the links on the left to learn more about the individual services

OPE AG Services

The Services of OPE AG are targeted to:

I am currently looking for full-size projects (2-5 man-months or larger) in spring - summer timeframe. Please note that in this context a comparable offer from a normal development house might be up to double the man-months I would quote. For smaller cases and Technology Strategy consulting I am available immediately.