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After 6 years in Switzerland and one in Hong Kong Olli Perttilä and OPE AG are settling back in Finland. I am in a process of setting up an OY for easier business to Finnish customers.

New businesses are in progress - more info on some of them still in June, but most news will come after my holidays in July and August. I am especially looking for interesting start-up stories as a board member in Finland and mobile and software development cases anywhere. So don't hesitate to contact me if you have something interesting!

The official address of OPE AG is still in Zürich:
Leimbachstrasse 122
CH-8041, Zürich

For visiting, my office is at the moment in Helsinki:
Toinen Linja 3
00530 Helsinki

About OPE AG

OPE AG is a Software Development and Consulting company founded in canton Schwyz, Switzerland in Fall 2008. It is a one-man-company employing its founder Olli Perttilä.
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OPE AG Services

When contracting a consulting company to help you in your development needs, it is often not that clear what kind of experience you are paying for.
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